School days

We are still chugging along with homeschool. Some days we’re firing on all cylinders, we’re all happy and learning and focused, and some days… not so much so.

This year I’m teaching 5 (be impressed, be very impressed) different grades. We have 8th, 5th, 3rd, 1st, and pre-k. And for those of you who might think the pre-k doesn’t count or is the easiest, let me just say I spend more time planning that than any other subject. I’m a fun preschool mom – we actually do crafts and paint and use glitter and noodles and plaster. (Not that you other moms aren’t fun, but me with workbooks = boring teacher; me with crafts = fun teacher!)

Curricula is basically same as other years. We are repeating our first cycle of My Father’s World and doing Exploring Countries and Cultures again, this time with Piano Man and Gymnast. (Writer is in challenge B at Classical Conversations, so no extra time to join in our cycle.) I’m enjoying the repeat and was super excited to read Kingdom Tales again. I’ve not been so excited about the missionary biographies. I liked them the first time 5 years ago, but it’s hard for me to enjoy the book again when I know everything that will happen. And unfortunately they’re not so engaging that the kids will pick them up on their own. But otherwise I still love MFW as much as always!

Writer loves challenge. Logic is kicking my butt! She’s doing well with it, but honestly, that is a lot of information in one year!! Current events was wonderful. I enjoyed exposing Writer to lots of different issues, all in a safe and godly environment. I’m not a huge fan of Lost Tools of Writing, but that probably has more to do with my lack of time to study the material. All in all, loving the challenge program so far!

Dude is in My Father’s World first grade. He’s doing so well, really picking up on the reading quickly, and he loves to draw, so illustrating his Bible notebook has been lovely. I started Singapore 1 this year for math, and he’s doing well with that, too. I love to see how kids’ brains work, and how numbers click for them. I’m telling you, homeschooling can be addicting because it is so much fun to watch the excitement when children learn new things! I love those lightbulb moments…  In fact, I might even live for them!

I hope I haven’t bored you to sleep yet, but it’s fun for me to look back on these posts and see what we were up to. Hope you’re all enjoying your school years, too!


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