I think four may be my absolute favorite age. I love a four-year-olds’s sense of adventure, the “do-it-myself” mentality, the cuddles, the things they say. I love the way they dress themselves and do their own hair. I love the complete innocence and trust. The quick tears, but also the quick smiles. I love 4-year-old giggles, and even 4-year-old tantrums.

So to honor my crazy 4-year-old, here are some recent memories of her:

Going to Chick-fil-A with a skirt on and no undies, innocently flashing the other diners. (Which, by the way, we’ve made it a point to check for undies before heading out to church due to some incidents there, but we just don’t always remember to check every day at every other time. Don’t judge us!)

Over vacation she told us that when she sticks her finger in her nose, she can feel her brain.

MM has taken to calling her “question box” because she can’t stop asking questions. Hypothetical ones. A lot. Like, “Can cars drive on grass? Can they drive on dirt? Can they drive on walls? Can they drive on water? Can they drive on air?” “Do bugs eat dirt? Do they eat grass? Do they eat wood? Do they eat plastic? If they eat glass, will it cut them?”

She knows the lyrics to every song in Frozen. Every song from VBS. Most Wiggles tunes. A bunch of CC songs. The girl’s got the music in her, and she’s not afraid to use it…. loudly!

She has mystery ailments, things like “My tongue is spicy” (no food or drink involved, just randomly throughout the day lets me know), “My chin is fire,” “Ow, a bisquito bit my hair.”

What are some of your favorite 4-year-old memories?


One thought on “4-year-olds

  1. YAY! 4 years is my fav, too! The words they use…the new vocabulary…this morning Little B woke up with a cough, after a pretty rough night of not a lot of sleep..and says “So, Mom, ((rubbing her ‘sleepy seeds’ out of her eyes)) how do you think I may have contracted this illness?” Que the coffee out of my nose…what 4 year old TALKS like that? And she, too, has made it to church commando. You’re not alone!

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