Book Recommendation

I’ve really wanted to recommend this book for a while, but I have a feeling it will not go over well because it is a hard book to read. It’s long, it’s academic, it’s non-fiction. But I think it is so important for Christians to read that I am going to put it out there and tell you to try it for yourself.

Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey has rocked my Christian world by challenging my understanding of what it means to have a biblical Christian worldview. I have been a Christian for 32 years!! And, not to sound prideful, but I’ve studied and read a lot. A lot a lot. But I had never heard of the cultural mandate. I’d never heard of the two-story view of Christianity. And I’d never read such an intelligent, all-encompassing book about worldviews and the intellectual defensibility of the Christian worldview.

I’m not afraid to be in-your-face about the appalling difference about what Christians say they believe and how they act, dress, vote, what they watch on t.v., etc. And that goes two ways, as my best friends can sharpen my iron to a razor sharp edge. (Yes, we all need grace and no, I don’t advocate legalism, but too often Christians hide behind those excuses to do what they know is sin and not feel convicted for it. Me included.) But before this book, I never realized how much of that personality-split Christianity comes from being fed misinformation about worldviews. We’ve accepted non-biblical worldviews without even realizing it. And we need to realize it, if not for our own sakes, than for the sakes of our children.

The author did just write a condensed, easier to read version of the book that’s called Saving Leonardo. It also is an excellent book, and very important. I chided my husband for his lack of reading skills (I might have called him illiterate. Sorry, honey), but I told him I think this book is too important to ignore. So lest I have to pull out the illiterate card on you, too, please check out and read one of these books this summer. You’ll be blessed and encouraged and challenged and frustrated – the perfect summer read!


One thought on “Book Recommendation

  1. It’s a shame I can’t read this post… I’m sure it’s full if really good information from my literate wife. 😉

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