Some thoughts from Amos 1-3

As I read God’s Word in Amos today, I was convicted that I am a lot like the Edomites. I “pursue my brothers with a sword, stifling all compassion.” I was convicted about my attitude and my words towards Bob Coy [wondering aloud often how he could be so hypocritical]. Who am I, of all people, to judge Bob Coy? He is as I am, and our only hope is in a Savior who can redeem us, forgive us, cleanse us. We are both trapped in our sins, unable to see the hypocrisy in our own lives, but able to point out the smallest sins in others. Lest fire come and consume me, I confess this sin, this attitude. How we become blind to our own sins and blind to our own daily need for a Savior is by looking at the sins of others and not acknowledging our own, by bringing our sacrifices and our tithes, and believing righteousness is earned by those actions.

Jesus, forgive me. I am a sinner and I need you to save me and sanctify me – daily! Guard my heart and my mind so that I don’t become complacent, comfortable in my own personal sins. Thank you that you always seek to love me where I am, but also love me enough to urge me to grow closer to you.


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