Birth…. and New Birth


We celebrated Little Guy’s first birthday a few days ago. I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by. He just took his very first steps yesterday. He still has white blonde hair (what there is of it) and blue eyes, which is pretty rare considering his parents are both dark-haired and dark-eyed. He is still big-time Mommy’s boy, which occasionally makes me crazy, but which secretly I love. He still has that baby-soft skin, and that baby-smell. He is so silly and so lovey. As I’m typing this, he is in my arms nursing. I just watch him and melt. I’m so thankful that the Lord blessed us with this unexpected gift!

The day after his birthday, we had a special dedication party. Our pastor came and spoke about Hannah, and how she turned baby Samuel over to the Lord. He reminded us that none of our children are really ours, that they’re really the Lord’s, but that we are only stewards. It was a great reminder, and that knowledge takes so much pressure off as a parent.


But truly my happiest day is when my children choose to ask the Lord into their lives. I always have a sense of urgency to make sure they know that they have to choose to follow the Lord. That it doesn’t just happen because they’re in our house or that their mom or dad believe. They have to allow the Holy Spirit to soften their hearts, and put their trust in Jesus. Because of their upbringing and being surrounded by followers of Christ, they just grow up knowing the Bible is real. There is no doubt in their precious minds about God’s existence, or His love for them, or His death or resurrection. So that sometimes makes it hard for them to have a “conversion moment,” a point where they go from disbelief to belief, one that they can point to as “this is the date I accepted the Lord.” But instead for them, they have to go from a point of “I believe this because this is what I’ve always been taught,” to there are others all around us and amidst us who don’t believe, but “as I read the Bible (or listen to it) and pray for myself, I feel the Lord speaking directly to my heart, and I know that I choose to believe.”


So beyond the celebration of Little Guy’s birth and dedication, we celebrated my Middle’s New Birth as she was baptized into the faith! I’m so excited, as now I’m not just her mom, but her sister in Christ. She is the most like me, always questioning, nosy, wants to know everything, but I pray that unlike me, she will never have a crisis of belief because the Holy Spirit is filling her up now with Scripture verses and songs. And when she is a little older, we will talk about all the issues and study in-depth apologetics (which we are doing now with our oldest). I am so thankful for the chance to raise these children in the faith, and ask as you read this that you’ll just say a prayer that the Lord will use me to grow up these Littles for His glory!


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