Because that’s what ADULTS do

Have any of you lost friends over something you’ve posted on FB or written in your blog? I once told a mom friend on FB that her daughter knew the Lord and would soon be sharing the gospel with bullies at school. And got unfriended. I once told a friend that I think Christians should shield their kids from the world while they are young. And got unfriended. And I once questioned the need to publicly denounce certain authors while embracing others that did not fit the very mold being spouted as correct. And got unfriended.

I realize that sometimes I respond to issues via my blog. I address arguments through this online journal.

But to all my friends IRL and virtual, I have never written one sentence on my blog that should have come as a surprise. I’ve never shied away from a verbal confrontation, and as an ADULT, can argue amicably and part ways agreeing to disagree. Because that’s what ADULTS do. I can disagree with your politics, your religion, your lifestyle, but I can continue to be respectful and continue to be friends. Because that’s what ADULTS do. (And I profusely thank all my friends who are ADULTS and can argue and still remain friends!)

I can disagree with my President, but I can still pray for him and speak kindly about him. Because that’s what ADULTS do. I can read a book that I don’t fully agree with. Because that’s what ADULTS do.

Debate is healthy, people. Well, at least for ADULTS it is.


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