American Idol Lessons

I know what you’re thinking. A post about a t.v. show from a self-acclaimed t.v. hater? I know, I know… but they reeled me in when they made Harry Connick Jr. a judge. (More about how disappointed I am in him another time.)

But last night he said something a little profound. After a contestant sang “Paris (ooh la la),” he asked her to repeat the first two lines:

“You got me down on the floor
So what’d you bring me down here for?”

Then he asked her if that’s what she really wanted to sing about. He told her it was okay if she did, but was that really what she wanted to sing about?

I think that was brilliant for two reasons.

One, because she actually had to repeat the lyrics and see what they sounded like and what they meant without the rock music blaring in the background.

And two, because he was asking her to consciously decide if that was the type of lyrics she wanted to be associated with.

I made a conscious decision a decade ago to get rid of all my CDs and DVDs that I felt (through the Holy Spirit’s guidance) did not honor God. It is so easy to slide by listening to (or singing or watching) things that glorify or celebrate sin because we’re used to it and it no longer shocks us. But if we have to say the lyrics to a child, or if we were to bring them to our church to show to the whole congregation, would we be embarrassed by them? If not, hey, that’s your business. But if you, like I, held onto things that you felt were not good for you or anybody else, then maybe you, like I, should trash them.

Now the profundity of HCJ was lessened by the fact that he was sitting next to half-dressed JLo, but as she’s an adult and as she’s chosen to identify herself (and thus all females) as sex objects, I guess he can’t really chastise her. But I hope he was a little embarrassed as I was when I saw her.

So though his message was good, it was really lessened by the lifestyle he’s chosen to identify himself with. Let’s hope that our message as Christians is not overshadowed by the lifestyle choices we are making.


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