The Church of Facebook

You can tell a lot about a person by her Facebook status updates. If Facebook statuses related to the church we attended, it would go something like this:

What church do you attend?

“Organic Non-GMO.”

Others might respond, “Tea Party.”

Still others would be, “Daily Pictures of Food,” “Exercise Routine,” or “Amusing E-Cards.”

Now before you start throwing rocks at my glass house, I know that my answer would be, “Homeschooling Family Church.”

It’s true. If you looked at my status updates, you might get the picture that homeschooling is more important to me than God.

But it’s not. (In fact, if I didn’t have a relationship with Jesus, I would totally NOT be homeschooling 6 children. Holla?)

The truth is, I tend to skip my friends’ posts that boldly declare Scripture in them. What??? I know, right! Thing is, I’ve read those Scriptures before, I already believe them, so I skip them in search of what’s new and exciting, what’s more interesting, what tickles my “eyes.”  (This is a public confession, so don’t pretend like you don’t do it, too!)

Truth is, I don’t declare Scripture and the need for Christ in my status updates because I take it for granted that all my “friends” already know the Lord. Most of my friends are other homeschool mamas, or church mamas. And I “know” they “know” the Lord, but do they know the statistics about homeschooling????

It’s sad that I’ve made homeschooling a more pressing matter than a relationship with Christ. It’s sad that you’ve made not eating at McDonald’s a more pressing matter than a relationship with Christ. It’s sad that we’ve made criticizing Obama a more pressing matter than a relationship with Christ.

I for one am going to stop it! Yes, I’m still going to be passionate about homeschooling (I do believe it to be the best option out there). But I’m going to make sure that if someone who doesn’t know me were to read everything I’ve written, they would say first and foremost, “Wow! This lady really wants people to know about Jesus.”


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