LV’s Report

LV started Essentials at Classical Conversations this year. He is only 9 and this is his first time using the materials from the Institute for Excellence in Writing. Here is his first “report” about Charlemagne:

Charlemagne is known as the conqueror of Europe. Amazingly he was a very famous ruler who ruled by the sword and the cross. While he was very kind, he was also very just. But he what most people did not know was that he also was very ruthless. He desperately wanted to expand his empire and spread the gospel. He had the largest empire since the old Roman Empire. He fought for 30 years in many wars. By 800 A.D., because he had tenaciously conquered most of western Europe, he was called the “Father of Europe.”

Charlemagne was a reformer because he established the government. He secretly feared the people were becoming like the savage barbarians. He swore that he would  revive the culture of the Roman empire. He made uniform laws throughout the kingdom. When he ferociously conquered land, he forced the people to become Christians and attend church. Incredibly Monks taught kids at schools all over the Kingdom, but the most famous one was in the palace. This was known as the Carolingian Renaissance. He hired monks and they copied Scriptures and they sold them throughout the land. He gave land to his loyal men, and those men evolved into the knights of the Middle Ages. This transforming system set up by Charlemagne is now known as feudalism.

Charlemagne is often known as the founder of the Holy Roman Empire. Because he was a devout catholic, he extended the power of Christianity throughout his kingdom. He was known as the protector of the church since he protected Pope Leo III from raiding rebels that attacked him. On a snowy Christmas, in 800 AD, Charlemagne walked quickly to the temple to pray. Slowly Pope Leo III approached him and crowned him “Emperor of the Romans.” Legend says that Charlemagne did not know about this, and he would not have walked to Rome if he had known. Nevertheless, he accepted the crown which made him more determined to stamp out paganism from his empire. He is known as the founder of the Holy Roman Empire.


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