The End?!

Our first full day in the hospital was Halloween. The hardest part of that day was the nurse’s directive to “get him up and make him walk.” I tried mid-morning to get him into a sitting position, but he cried that it hurt too much. His scar is on his right side a few inches above his hip (the surgeon told us it is where an appendectomy scar would appear). The nurse came and gave him morphine because he “has to get up!” Of course, the morphine just knocked him out making it impossible to get him up.

At lunchtime, a good friend came to visit and brought me lunch, and my Pastor and his wife also came and visited. After that, I tried again in the early afternoon to get LD up and have him walk, but again he cried that it hurt too much. Finally, around 3, I convinced him that the nurse was not going to let him have anything to eat or drink until he walked. I sat him up, he cried, but then he settled down. But he still did not want to walk.

Finally I told him I was going to just hold him and show him the Halloween decorations in the hospital. He agreed to that. Of course, not-thinking-mama that I am, I picked him up to put him on my hip which caused a whole other wave of pain to wash over him. I set him back down on the bed for a few minutes, then I picked him up again, this time holding both his legs over my arm while wheeling his IV pole around with us. This was not an easy feat for a pregnant mama to accomplish!

I got him out of his bedroom and started pointing out the decorations on the wall. A nurse’s aide stopped me and ran to grab him some slipper-sock thingies. She put them on him, and then I told him I was just going to set him down for a second. Luckily, the nurse’s desk is surrounded by little windows with plastic sea creatures in them, so I started pointing them out. LD shuffled from window to window. He was hunched over and shuffling, but he was doing it on his own. We walked around the nurses desk and looked at all the windows, and then went back to his room. Mission accomplished!

As soon as we got back to the room, LD announced he wanted food and a drink. This is where I had to break his heart with the ice chips. Thank goodness for the hospital TV, because I was able to distract him for long periods of time with shows I would never let him watch at home. I was going a little brain-numb, but anything to ease his pain and hunger!

After dinner (and liquids), Daddy came. I had asked him to pick up a toy for LD to give him something new to play with. He brought him a transformer and a couple of presents from another friend. I kissed my LD goodnight and went home to sleep with the other Littles once again.

The rest of our stay was more walking around the nurses desk (by the third day after the surgery, he was able to climb in and out of bed by himself), some fretting by the nurses about lack of a bowel movement (we ended up giving him Milk of Magnesia when we got home and he had a normal bm the day after we got home), lots of horrid cable TV kids’ programs, much hospital food, making a transformer into a robot and back into a car and back into a robot and back into a car and…, using LD’s new lego set from our friend to make a plane then turn it into a helicopter then turn it into a boat then start all over again, reading the same 4 books 15 times, etc.

By Thursday, I was exhausted, MM was exhausted, LD was bored, and we were looking at at least one more night in the hospital. MM brought the Littles to see LD on Thursday afternoon which really made LD’s day. He had been missing them something fierce. Aside from our room being very crowded, it was so nice to have our whole family together. The times I had been home to sleep, the house just didn’t seem right without LD there.

Thankfully, MM’s dad (“Boompa”) took the night shift Thursday night so that MM could actually get some sleep. I went up early Friday morning to try to talk to the doctor so we could go home. LD kept repeating how much he wanted to go home. The surgeon came and said we were good to go, so we just needed to see the pediatrician. She gave us the okay, and after what seemed like FOREVER, we got the release papers and LD was sprung from the joint.

The hardest part of the whole ordeal for LD was the “pinches.” He had to give blood twice after the whole IV ordeal, and each time, it was with much screaming, crying, and thrashing about. My Little Dude who was always so stoic about receiving shots had turned into an absolute needle-hater! For MM and me, the stress of being worried about LD, the stress of being worried about the other Littles, the stress of not sleeping well enough or long enough – those were the hard parts.


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