Sleepless Nights

I’ve had a few of those as of late. And tonight I was catching up on a friend’s blog and I thought it was beautiful. Take a moment to read it here.

She also wrote this in another post: “but people, friends… i believe them. my heart and soul and everything is theirs for the taking. i am slow at making friends perhaps because of this, but once friends – i trust you, i trust you to the moon and back. i’m lucky my friends are as honest as i am (or too sweet to fool or prank or lie to me in ways that matter.) and i give them my truth right back, when i’m talkative.”

These things really touched my heart tonight. I long for the days when she and I were best friends and the fact that we were BOTH really gullible didn’t matter. When boys and tests and trying to look pretty ranked high on the list of priorities. Age complicates so much that is really sincere and innocent and beautiful. I’m so grateful to God for all my Littles because I see in them the innocence and beauty of God, and because the in the busy-ness of raising them and in the exhaustion that becomes my life at times, I feel the most peace.

So tonight while I should be sleeping, I am instead counting my blessings. I am thankful for a friend who puts her thoughts into words in beautiful, complicated ways. I am thankful for a husband who never fails to amaze me with his undeserved love and devotion. I am thankful for 5 healthy Littles and the promise of another Little blessing arriving soon. I am thankful for friends that ask me to pray for them and encourage me with their trust and their honesty. And I’m thankful for other friends who take nothing seriously and make me laugh at myself and all my important-ness.

Now if I could just sleep…


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