New School Year, New School Program

After my health struggles last year, I expected to pack up the Littles’ homeschool portfolios and be disappointed at the miniscule work that was accomplished. But I was sort of shocked with how much we got accomplished under the not-so-perfect circumstances of our school year.

This year we decided to join a Classical Conversations community. Not only did we join, but I am tutoring the Essentials class. Our first week went very well. I was in LD’s class for a few minutes, then switched to LM’s. All the Littles had a great first day, even LB who surprised me by going happily into the toddler nursery. Every time I peeked in on her she was playing, and there were no tears. My little girl is growing up!

The science experiment, dissecting a bean, proved to be a lot of fun for LM’s class. They all asked to keep their bean, they were so excited about it. The other subjects moved along quickly, but when we got to presentations, I was in for a shock. I know my LM is shy, but I didn’t realize how shy. She refused to get up and give a presentation. When the tutor asked her if she would like to go up with me, she agreed and pretty much wrapped herself around my side. We had to prompt her with questions, and even then she was barely audible. (One other little girl was even more shy than LM, but the other 6 kids were very happy to get up and present.) I know it’ll get better over the course of the class, and I think having a show-and-tell prop will help her so I’ll make sure she has one to talk about next week.

My Essentials class went surprisingly well. I say surprisingly, because I just didn’t know what to expect. There is really a good mix of personality and ability, and I am looking forward to seeing how well we learn this year. Preparation takes me a long time, but I’m hoping once I settle into the swing of things, it won’t be quite so grueling!

I am just so excited to be feeling better this year, to have some energy, to have this group of moms with whom I hope to connect closely, to have this awesome material to expose my children to. I am so thankful to the Lord who is so faithful to us!


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