Lyme – The Final Chapter (hopefully)

I’ve waited so long to finish my story that I’ve almost forgotten the ending already. You see, once I started feeling better life sorta started happening. And I had to make dinners and clean the house and play with kids and read books and buy presents. We’ve had 4 birthdays and an anniversary in our own family and countless friends’ birthday parties. We’ve had some sickness and some projects, a camping trip, and some visits with friends. So while I started with the intent of cataloging my lyme so that I could remember but also so I could help anyone else going through it, I’ve realized that while I was sick I just didn’t have the energy to catalog it, and once I was well I didn’t have the time.

But I do want to finish the story, albeit condensed and rushed. After the PICC line was in (and the initial Herx that weekend), I started feeling better almost immediately. I did treatments twice a week for 3 weeks, and then once a week for 2 weeks. And I didn’t have any more lyme symptoms. I felt good and so we decided to remove the PICC line. That in itself is a long story because just as my doctor’s office wouldn’t change the dressings on it, they also wouldn’t remove it. So I ended up going to the hospital where I had it installed to have it removed. The nurse at the hospital didn’t really want to do it and just told me to do it myself, but all my nurse friends told me I shouldn’t do it at home. Well, I should have done it at home. It took exactly 15 seconds, was no big deal, I couldn’t even feel it, and I had to wait a long time to register and now I have to pay a hospital bill of a few hundred dollars for NOTHING. If you are ever in that situation, take out your own PICC line. Trust me.

Of course on the positive side, I was so thankful to be done with Lyme. I now have to deal with my hormone imbalance (my lyme caused adrenal failure), but I’ve been taking hormones for 8 months so I’m doing much better. I haven’t had the back pain or joint pain or trouble breathing since week 4 of my treatments, but I still did 5 more weeks after that to be sure. I will continue taking oral silver for a year or so just in case, and if any symptoms pop up, I will jump on them with more IVs.

So, that is sort of then end of the story, at least I’m hopeful that that is the end. I highly recommend colloidal silver if you have Lyme. There were so many patients in the office with me who suffered with lyme for 8+ years, doing all the antibiotics and other drugs, only to constantly suffer. But after they started the colloidal silver, it was only weeks before they felt better, better than they had in years. I really don’t think I could go back to traditional medicine after learning all I have about holistic medicine and making you well instead of just treating symptoms.

Anyway, forgive my haste in closing out this chapter on lyme. If you have any questions or need specific guidance, please leave a comment and I will try to point you in the right direction.


2 thoughts on “Lyme – The Final Chapter (hopefully)

  1. Hi,
    As a lyme sufferer, i’m very happy for you that you’re now lyme free.
    Your story with silver give me hope.
    I have soo much question about silver now …

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