Lyme Disease

I finally have a diagnosis: Lyme Disease. And there is just too much information and too much misinformation out there to try to give you an overview of what Lyme Disease is like. Here are a few links:

I started my treatment on Monday. I am choosing to go the natural route, to the chagrin of some of my family in the medical field. But from what I’ve read about traditional treatments not working so much of the time, I’ve decided instead of antibiotics to use silver. So twice a week, I am getting an IV of colloidal silver (Argentyn) and once a week an IV of minerals and vitamins to boost my immune system.

So far, I’ve spoken to two people who have gone this route after trying antibiotics and traditional treatment for years. And both of them only found relief with silver. So far, I haven’t experience any terrible side effects (Herx reactions), just a lot more mucous and some tightness in my chest. (I’ve had sinus issues and tightness all along, but it is maybe a little more pronounced the past day or so.)

I am so very, very thankful that the Lord led me to my current doctor, because I could have had a horrible situation trying to get a diagnosis and treatment. So many Lyme patients suffer for years before getting a diagnosis. And I’m thankful that my symptoms are relatively mild. I can’t believe all I’ve learned about Lyme just in the past week. It is a scary disease but I know my Lord and this doctor can heal me!

Thank you for your continued prayers. I definitely have appreciated them during this season of my life.


One thought on “Lyme Disease

  1. I just stumbled upon this. I’m praying for quick healing and no long term effects, for you Jeanne. My limited experience with Lyme taught me that it can be a tricky illness, as you pointed out. The NIH has a great page on the different websites out there on Lyme Disease and how factual their information is. Much love to you and your family.
    ~Stacey Harter

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