Homeschool Week 15

Back to full force:

Latin – we continue using English from the Roots Up for Latin vocabulary. I love the simplicity of the program, and it really does increase your vocabulary.

Bible – we are memorizing the full chapter of 1 Corinthians 13. It’s such a beautiful chapter, full of such awesome truth, and so hard to do! But with God’s perfecting love and grace, we are working on loving each other better! We also continue reading through Luke and utilizing Victor Journey thru the Bible.

Writing – LW’s writing skills are really improving using Writing Strands. WS4 is a jump up from WS3, which I think is intentional. She’s writing some really great paragraphs.

History – I really enjoy the Story of the World. It’s an easy read and a good blend of fact and story. This week we are read about Islam. We began by talking about the pillars of Islam and praying for Muslims all over the world. Then we read about Muhammad and the history of Islam’s growth. LV was a little confused about the reference to the angel Gabriel teaching Muhammad, so we had to talk about false spirits and how there is only one Truth.

Science – lungs, voice, and germs were all topics we hit this week.

Art – we continued listening to Mozart and had some lessons about drawing the perfect circle and the color wheel.

Kindergarten – we finished up with the letter f. LM is really clicking on the vowel blend worksheet and the reading of short vowel words. It’s fun to see her excitement when she reads a word or a sentence. Plus I love the Bible/character tie-ins to the letter being studied. She’s really blossoming, growing from my most difficult, willful toddler to a very helpful, thoughtful child.

LD & LB are still hanging out. LD loves, loves, loves worksheets and cutting and pasting. He wants to “do school,” and doesn’t want to wait. I’m going to reschedule things so that LW can do school with him during their time together. I don’t want to do workbooks during preschool time because I want that to remain fun for LB, too. So we continue using bubbles, sidewalk chalk, puzzles, learning toys, etc. for preschool time.


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