Going to court

One of the issues that I think about and pray about for my children is dating. Now I know what you’re thinking, my children are babies. There is no reason to worry about dating. However, that stage will be upon us in one eye-blink and MM and I are in the process of praying and deciding exactly what we will be teaching our kids in this area.

I find resources and read and then bring them to MM to discuss and pray. And I’ve found a lot of resources lately on courting. You see, dating is trying out one person and seeing if they fit. And if they don’t, you “break up” and try another. This worldly (as in, not in the Bible) philosophy has caused a lot of issues in today’s society: broken hearts, promiscuity, even divorce (as the try-it-out-and-leave-it-if-it’s-not-for-you philosophy carries into marriage as well).

We have decided to promote a courting philosophy to our children, as we urge them to wait for God’s best. We don’t watch shows where children are dating or obsessed with boyfriend/girlfriend issues, and when they inevitably portray that in a movie we are watching (with kids in elementary school – hello??), we bring up the inappropriateness of it and how the situation would work so much better if those relationships were not allowed.

In any case, I wanted to share a couple of resources with you about courting, as this is a new topic to many. Check out this website for a definition of courtship and the many resources available to help teach it to your children. And here is an article from The Old Schoolhouse magazine about courtship.

I would love feedback about what you think of this philosophy, if it’s new to you, or what you’ve decided to teach your kids.

Happy courting…


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