Homeschool Week 14

Here is what we learned:

Bible: We are studying Jesus’ life and parables now. We stop every few verses and discuss what Jesus meant and how that should affect how we live. I remember reading somewhere a person saying that he was so enamored with Jesus in the Bible that he felt if Jesus were a made-up character, he would be inclined to worship the author. (Hope my paraphrase makes sense.) I totally knew what he was saying because Jesus is so awesome and so powerful and dynamic that you just have to love Him, whether or not He is real. But of course He is real so no need worshiping the author, unless you mean the Author!

History: We learned all about Constantine, the Byzantine empire and Constantinople. I love that so much of what we believe doctrinally was being debated even then, and in the midst of persecution, believers held strong to the core faith that we still follow. In this day and age when truth is so debated, it’s nice to know I hold with those who gave their lives defending the Truth.

Science: We learned about the lungs and made models of them.

Kindergarten: We learned the letter f sound. We talked about frogs and how important it is that we use our tongues wisely just like the frog. Have I mentioned how much I love this program?

We are currently reading Twice Freed by Patricia St. John. Seriously moms, if you haven’t read any of her books, check them out because they are AWESOME! And we started Jotham’s Journey for Advent season. So far we really enjoy it. Thank you, Marnie & Boompa, for such a great Christmas gift last year. We had to wait a whole year to read it but it was worth it!


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