Let there be peace on earth…

… and let it begin with me.

Being joyful at all times is difficult. And lately that has been compounded by the fact that I feel yucky a lot. I could be downright sick and tired of being sick and tired if I’d let myself.

But on the whole, I’m not. Because I choose to be thankful for my blessings, and that creates a joy that transcends health. Until this illness, I didn’t really understand that. I knew joy transcended circumstances, but health seemed like a different matter altogether. “At least you have your health.” Well, not so much so actually.

I have honestly been more in love with my husband during the last month than during the last year. I’ve been reading about being MM’s helpmeet, and during the times that I feel the worst, I choose to do something for him that I know he’d appreciate. And by focusing on him instead of on how I feel, I feel better. And what’s more, I feel joyful. And by focusing on him more, I love him more. It’s almost ironic, in a way, but so true.

When my children misbehave, instead of being angry, I focus on doing something they’d like. I snuggle more, I play more games, I read more stories, tell more jokes. They feel better, I feel better, joy abounds.

So while my being joyful might not affect peace on earth, it definitely affects peace on HW, peace on MM, and peace on my whole family.

This morning was tough. I felt bad. The kids were super cranky; they sprung out of bed that way. I had 2 doctor’s appointments and I had to fast for a blood test that ended up not happening because I am taking antibiotics for a dental issue that is causing me great pain. Admittedly, the morning wasn’t all flowers and rainbows. But by focusing on all the blessings the Lord has given, my outlook is refreshed. I can choose to be joyful in spite of tooth and body pain and can instead praise the Lord that I am alive, that my children are healthy and smart and fun, that MM is handsome and loving and wonderful, and that our house is filled with laughter and love.

So for Thanksgiving today, I am giving thanks for joy, peace, and love!


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