The Pirate Luncho

One of my favoritist all-time things about being a mom is the silly, crazy stuff that comes out of my Littles’ mouths. And LD seems to have an absolute knack for saying the silliest, craziest things. I need to write them down as he says them because later on I remember laughing until it hurt, but I can’t remember exactly what he said.

One night we were watching Scooby-Doo Camp Scare (I can’t help it, I love Scooby-Doo) and the three villains were the Woodsman, the Fish-Man, and the Banshee. MM, LW & LV were out and the littlest Littles and I decided on a movie night. When MM got home, LD wanted to tell him all about the movie he just saw. “Daddy, there was a wood-guy, a sea monster, and a pirate luncho!!” What a night of laughter we had! (And we’re still not sure what he meant but I laugh just thinking about it.)

Then just yesterday on the way to the playground (and I should preface this by saying just as I’m doing right here, I tend to speak in fragments, answering one person’s question on top of another without really differentiating the two) we were in the car:

HW: “The battery’s dead”

LV: “Then how are we going to get there?”

HW: “…on the phone.”

LW, LV, LM: “On the phone?”

HW: laughing so hard I can’t explain what I meant.

When I finally did explain, we all had a good laugh. I just love having a brood of Littles. For all the hard work, it is just so much fun!


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