Week 5 Update

AKA, the week I got sick and was unable to do it all. Or the week I learned you didn’t have to check off every box to be successful. But I digress… Here is what we DID do:

Math – at least some…

English – a few lessons… maybe…

Science – We did make a model of the tongue and talked about taste buds.

History – We read a few chapters of Augustus Caesar’s World, but I quickly realized there was no way we could possibly finish it and I just decided that since the kids were not really enjoying it anyway, I was going to let it go.

Spelling & Handwriting & Writing & Reading & Spanish – not sure, but I bet at least something was done in these areas. Actually, I dropped spelling altogether with LV for a few weeks because he is ahead of the game anyway. LW’s spelling is self-taught, so she continued in her workbook.

Art & Read-Alouds and Music – stopped for the time being. I hope to pick them up again someday soon.

Kindergarten – we continued with the worksheets but stopped the other activities. Hoping to get back to them because they are really the fun stuff.

So, in conclusion, I learned that homeschool is not my life. That there are things more important than school sometimes. I learned that I have some of the BEST friends in the world: friends who prayed for me diligently, friends who cooked meals for me, friends who came and took my kids for me, or friends who came over and watched my kids while I made various doctor visits. I learned that my mother (who came down and stayed with me for 10 days), my mother-in-law, and my father-in-law are three of the most awesome people on the planet. Actually, I already knew that, but I remembered it anew.

My kids learned how to care for their mother and how to be in charge of themselves. They learned to trust others and look out for their siblings when they were away from home. Everyone who came over or who took the littles couldn’t help but comment how LW was especially adept at caring for her siblings and looking after them (hence the reason why I call her Little Woman).

So that was our week 5 update. No pictures, but lots of learning after all.


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