21 Again

Something on facebook caught my eye the other day. A friend posted a story about a 21-year-old blasting off about welfare and what she would require if she were in control of the program. Now I have no idea if it was really written by a 21-year-old or who she might be. What caught my eye was the debate on facebook over it.

One side supported the restrictions. One side felt it harsh and thought there were really people who needed government assistance and what right did some young girl have to stereotype them? Then some felt the girl just thought she had all the answers because she was young and stupid like we once all were.

My stand is that all 3 positions were right… and wrong. There are some people who need help, but is it really helping them to make them dependent on government assistance? And restrictions are probably in order, but sometimes the suggested restrictions seem a lot like Naziism.

As for being young and stupid, well, yes, that is probably true. But does that mean we should discount the opinions of the young? Don’t we read about Jesus saying to have faith like a child? Don’t we tell our own children that they don’t have to wait to do big things? That in their youth they can be good examples and do hard things?

I know my beliefs have evolved in the years since I was 21. I also know my energy has decreased. Maybe that’s the real rub – being wiser with age but less able to actually do something about it?!


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