Timing Out

LD bit LV today. It’s always hard for me to discipline disagreements between my littles because invariably there is always wrong on BOTH sides. But I have made it an adamant rule that there is to be no biting (and no verbal attacks either, for that matter). So I spanked LD and set him down sitting against the wall in time out. “You are NOT allowed to bite. No matter what LV did or was trying to do, you can NOT bite.”

There. Discipline done.

But then I look over, and LB has sauntered over to her big brother and sat down right beside him. It was so touching and so adorable that I just wanted to take a picture. But thinking I probably shouldn’t take pictures when I’m supposed to be disciplining, I didn’t. It did warm my heart, though, and took any of the sting out of parenting that I might have been feeling.


One thought on “Timing Out

  1. My Girlie does that. My Boy will pull hair or something that requires a timeout and then (sometimes) Girlie jumps in and says something like, ” oh mama – he’s just tired or poopoo diaper…” or some such defense. It is very sweet & makes it all a bit easier šŸ™‚

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