I LOVE this blog post. It not only speaks to what you’re going to do when you grow up, but also what I’m raising my children to do. I talk to my girls all the time about how college may be where they want to go to pursue their future calling, but then again, it may NOT be. And that’s okay. Anyway, here is the blog –


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    • I do. For the boys, I want them to follow their passions but also to provide for their families. We talk about how some jobs don’t require college, but just training (mechanics, chefs, etc.). And I want all of my children to have a *skill*, something they can do or make. (That’s one reason why they all take piano lessons. Another is that MM is the teacher and it’s free!) Part of me wishes I had never gone to college and instead had learned a skill and had really read and studied and prayed about how to be a good wife and mother. But on-the-job training is great, just a little more stressful. 🙂

    • True. That’s the laughable thing about those “babies” kids bring home that try to emulate parenthood. My kids will probably be a little more prepared than I was just by seeing and helping out around here. I was the baby by 11 years so there was no growing up around babies and in fact, I was horribly spoiled and didn’t even have chores. You can start to understand why college did nothing to prepare me.

      So while there is no “mom-course”, at least preparing for the possibility of such a life is a worthy goal. That’s why I applaud the girl who wrote this blog post. She’s thinking through something I never did as a teen or even as a 20-something. And it’s something I definitely want my kids to think through.

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