Necessities Part 2

I want to recommend the book Radical to everyone. It really is a great book about how the American Dream has left us empty, especially the church. We pursue all these things that just don’t matter. We spend money on things that rust and are stolen and break. We go to work so we can buy toys and nice clothes and classes and sports for our children when all they really want is our time. I have a mission to teach moms that they really don’t need a job: If we can live on one income with 7 people in our family, anyone can. We do without a lot of “nice” stuff and we make do with used and hand-me-downs and “not pretty but it does the job.” And we’re not afraid to ask people for their discards or even go garbage picking for stuff. But having mommy home has been the absolute best investment for me, for the littles, and even for MM. Nothing we’ve “sacrificed” even comes close to what we’ve gained. And in all honesty when you look at other countries and other cultures, we don’t even begin to understand the word “sacrifice” anyway.

So while it’s condemning to start saying “look at what YOU spend money on,” it’s good for the soul to evaluate “what I spend money on.” No books, no blogs, no friends should try to make you feel bad for what you consider a necessity. But perhaps a good self-evaluation coupled with wisdom from a spouse and a book or blog or friend is the real necessity.


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