Necessities Part 1

I’m troubled by the things that we consider necessities. And by we I mean all of us, me included. Financial struggles have hit our country hard, and my neighborhood hard, and my family hard. And yet we still cling to things and pay for things and buy things that are “necessities.” But are they? Do we really need to pay for or purchase: cable TV, satellite, DVDs, TVs, CDs, MP3 players, ipods, ipads, kindles, video game systems, video games? And let me get even more radical here. Do we need: cellphones, cameras, computers (as in more than one), cars (again, as in multiple), campers? Do our kids need classes, toys (and you know I don’t mean just a few, I mean the amount of toys that I know all of our kids own), sports?

I’m not even going into whether these things are good or bad, just whether they’re necessary…


One thought on “Necessities Part 1

  1. I struggle with this daily. We’ve been “frugal” in having just one of things and have been gifted by amazing friends a used camera after ours broke… but toys ~ I buy the kids those $2 or $3 check out toys for who knows what reason… they aren’t even whining. It’s that where I need to be better. There are few things we need & having too much gets in the way of appreciating those few things. Must be better!! Thank you.

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