Week 4 Homeschool

Here is a little rundown (at first I typed fundown and though I would say to keep it like that, my kids might argue it is more run and less fun sometimes) of our 4th week:

History: More Rome. I find the whole Marc Antony, Cleopatra & Octavian story fascinating. I really never realized all the deceit, intrigue, scandal, money, and sex were involved. I don’t think the kids are understanding absolutely everything, but they are very interested in the story nontheless. And suicide by asp is quite the gutsy way to go.

Science: We discussed our sense of smell and the kids made a paper model of a human head with the sensory organs. I gotta find some butcher paper for science for LM & LD. Anyone know where to get butcher paper? As if there is a butcher around somewhere…

I started to read aloud the Bronze Bow. I’m afraid this story might have to wait until the kids are older because they are not really getting it and are not really enjoying it, either. I finished up Detectives in Togas and they just loved that story.

Kindergarten: This week was all about kangaroos. LM made a cute kangaroo pencil holder. We had fun learning about lots of different animals that hop, and of course she is just improving every week with her reading. She knows all the letters and sounds and for all those we’ve studied so far, she can put short vowel words together. I’m so excited about My Father’s World Kindergarten. It is such a great program – lots of fun and learning and so very, very easy to implement.

LB & LD are doing well. I need to make more of an effort to ensure that we get preschool time done every day. It seems as though I tend to skip Bible and preschool when I need extra time, as if those weren’t really 2 of the most important things I should do every day. Gotta prioritize and then stick to those priorities, no matter what other school does or doesn’t get done.

Well, that was our week in a nutshell. Of course, it was much more full with math and English and Latin and art and spelling and writing. But these are just some highlights. Oh, and I almost forgot something very important. We found two, not one but two, stray kittens on a walk around the neighborhood. Now, we just gave our cat to my aunt because we couldn’t handle a cat anymore (and he bit us, a lot, really hard) but I couldn’t just leave these two bitty baby kittens on the street. I’m sure they aren’t even fully weaned yet, but they can eat solid food and drink water. Now… what to do with them. Anyone want a cute, cuddly kitten?


3 thoughts on “Week 4 Homeschool

  1. I am looking forward to doing MFW K when my little ones are ready :o) Thanks for linking up and sharing your week, I bet your little ones are lovin on those kitties!

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