Make a big deal out of answered prayer

I was re-reading some of my journal entries from the past few years, and I ran across a quote from Beth Moore who said to make a big deal when God answers your prayers. So this is my big deal story of answered prayer!

I went today to get a cat scan on my chest and more blood work done. Last night, a new doctor ordered a bunch of blood work to be taken to test for lyme disease, hormone levels, cortisone levels, etc. I knew it was going to be a little hard to get done because it was written on a regular prescription pad and not on the usual laboratory checklist sheet. And there were a lot of tests to be done — 11 vials of blood by the time we were finished.

But here is the “only God can do something like this” moment. I was ALL ALONE in the waiting room the entire time I was there. The lab tech spent 35 minutes looking up the correct codes and procedures for the labwork to be done before taking the 5 minutes to actually take my blood. She kept commenting “how lucky” I was and that this place is “never empty.” She remarked over and over again how she wouldn’t have been able to do this blood work if she had a whole waiting room full of people as usual.

Ah, but it wasn’t luck. It was the Lord! Only He can do things like that and give blessings in the midst of trials. Only He can work out minute details like emptying a waiting room. It was so amazing and I am so thankful. When you know God cares about the very small details, it just reminds you how much you can take comfort knowing He cares about the very big details, too.


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