Shout out to an old friend

I should have mentioned my friend Mandy in my previous post. Mandy was my best friend in high school and she really introduced me to a love of reading. Before Mandy, I read things like Archie comic books and whatever I had to read for school. But then Mandy and I became friends and she was a reader. She introduced me to Little Women and Anne of Green Gables. When we had English classes together, she would read the same books I did but not with the same enthusiasm. She would talk about the characters like they were friends. I was inspired by her love of books, but it wasn’t until college that I really began to be an avid reader myself. But once I began, I was hooked.

So thank you, Mandy, for passing your love for books onto me. I can’t imagine how boring my life would be now without books.


2 thoughts on “Shout out to an old friend

    • I should also confess that the 1st 2 Anne books I have are yours from high school. 😦 Do you remember when my husband ran into you at B&N to buy the last few Anne books? That was so surreal to me. Then I went to a garage sale in my own neighborhood and started flipping through a book for sale and recognized your handwriting in the margin. Only then do I look up and recognize your mom! And sadly she gave me the news you had moved to NO. And then I see you after a hurricane again in my own neighborhood and I can’t get out of the car to see you because I’m in my jammies! But at least we’ve now connected again virtually and I’m still clinging to the hope I’ll get to see you in the flesh someday!!

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