Books books books and oh, a magazine

A friend recommended a book to me over the summer. I ordered it back in August, but it didn’t arrive until a week ago, and at the time I was not feeling well so I put it off. But I have started to read it and am really enjoying it and learning a lot from it, so I wanted to pass it on. It is Created to Be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl. I hope you’ll check it out.

I also started reading book # 11 of the A.D. Chronicles by Brock & Bodie Thoene. Honestly, everything I’ve ever read by them has been fabulous, so you should definitely look into one of their series.

And I started Anne of Green Gables again. I’ve read through the whole series only once (I do own them all now) and I’ve read through the first 3 books several times. I really didn’t want to start it, but I don’t have much fiction for me on my shelves anymore and I needed something to read so I picked it up. And just like every other time, as soon as I start to read it I’m hooked. I forget just how witty and well-written it is. The movies are good, too. I own the series that was made in Canada with Megan Follows.

I’m also going through my back issues of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I really enjoy all of their articles. It’s amazing how many articles in each issue speak to me or to a need I’m feeling. I’m so happy for my friend Jessica introducing me to the magazine.


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