Week 3 Homeschool Highlights

Bible: We began working on memorizing the books of the New Testament. LW already knows this, but LV is learning it for the first time.

Spelling: LV began spelling power this week. He is a young 3rd grader, and tested into level 4.8. He’s a natural speller like MM and me, which is truthfully so much easier for me to teach because it’s how I learn. Why oh why can’t our kids just have our same learning styles??

History: The kids are not overly enjoying Augustus Caesar’s world. I think they are learning a lot, but it’s a bit bloody. We also talked about mosaics and even made our own using paper and foam pieces.

Science: More info on the human body. We talked about how balance works.We did a quick experiment: try standing with your right side pressed against a wall. Then try raising your right leg. It’s impossible, but it was so funny watching LW try her hardest to do it. At first, I didn’t realize it was impossible and watching her struggling, tongue waving on her lips in concentration, I just started laughing.

Art: We continued learning perspective and started learning about Haydn. You all do not realize how music-smart MM is. I can ask him detailed info about composers, and he knows it without hesitation. Years alive, style, where they lived, who they worked for, and of course he can pick out their pieces just by hearing a small bit of a song. How does he do that?


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