2 Things

I have now been sick for 15 days. I’ve been to countless doctors, on an ambulance, in the emergency room. I’ve had this test run and that test run and enough blood taken to satisfy a vampire. I still have tests to take and doctors to see, but thankfully I am starting to see hope. And two things I have learned have added new dimensions to my life already.

The first is: Wow! God is huge and amazing and praiseworthy. He created the universe and He’s just so much bigger than I ever stop to think about. Eternal and infinite and powerful and sovereign. And I am a speck. A random speck. And that He would stoop to listen to this speck, to hear my cries, to care for me. Honestly, I am humbled and thankful and astounded. My love for, my reverence for, my awe of the I AM has grown through this illness.

The second is: People, people, people. You need to turn off the TV. I don’t care what it is: reality, talk show, sitcom, movie. It’s bad. It’s immoral. It’s not godly. It’s trash. It’s awful. Turn it OFF. I have been away from the TV for a few years now. I just felt it wasn’t what God wanted me to do or what He wanted me to see. But for the past weeks, when I’ve been sick or scared or needed something to take my mind off a pain or off breathing difficulty, I’ve turned on the TV. And I just. can’t. stand. it. any. longer. And even if the show is okay (which, by the way, I never found an okay show), the commercials are awful. I am so glad I don’t watch TV anymore. I am so glad my children do not watch TV or commercials. I am so glad my husband doesn’t watch TV. I really think there is a complete disconnect between trying to please Christ and watch TV. If you can’t bear to turn it off, I pray your eyes will be opened as you turn on your TV and you’ll SEE for yourself how ungodly it is. As a generation of Christian believers who are trying to turn back to the Lord, we need to turn off the TV. Completely.


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