God is Speaking

Anyone who knows me, who really knows me, knows I have doubts. I choose to be strong in my belief through my doubts. That may seem inconsistent, but other doubters know what I’m talking about. Sometimes faith is faith, and sometimes it’s an act of will.

Well, a big doubt popped up a few weeks ago. It related to the Druids in Briton. (How’s that for random?) Seriously though, the kids and I were learning about the Druids and I just had this nagging, “Did all these people just go to hell?” thought. And then I thought, “How could that be God’s plan? He was at work in one tiny little country in the middle east during this time period, and these people were thousands of miles away unaware of God and now they’re all going to hell?”

I sort of ruminated on this for a few days and then finally called my pastor and asked him. He was quick to point out several things: I don’t know that those people are in hell, God is just and God is good, perhaps God knew those people would reject Him so He put them in that place and that time for a certain purpose, and who am I to question God anyway?

Well, I understood my pastor’s point but there was still a nagging “Why?” So, cue powerful worship music from the previous post, God spoke to me. I was wondering why God wouldn’t choose another way; why not just tell the Druids about Himself. Why hide Himself from them? I really felt God answer me that, “HW, I did reveal myself to mankind. And mankind rebelled and rejected. And the course of events of history had to happen so that I could make a way for mankind to come back to Me. My Son came when it was the right time for mankind to realize their own depravity and be reconciled to Me.”

Of course, I’m sure He said it better than I remember, but His voice soothed and alleviated my doubts. Being in His presence is so much better than anything else, and it truly calms fears and alleviates doubts. Just wish I could live there… (‘Course, I guess I really will live there one day!) Until that day, here’s praying He speaks to you soon!


3 thoughts on “God is Speaking

  1. How does Hell work. I’ve heard it described in many different ways. If the Druids are in Hell, is it forever? Do people in Hell have a chance to reconcile themselves and cleanse their souls after moments or millenia? I’m asking you because I trust you not to judge my unknowing. Thank you đŸ™‚

    • Boy, that’s deep! I’m still not feeling well, so I’d better not try to explain too much. I think my understanding of hell is that it’s a place absent from God’s presence. And for the most part, those who go there usually have spent their lives denying God or turning away from Him and therefore don’t get to share in His presence in heaven. But for those who never got a chance to know Him? That’s where my dilemma was, but if I trust God I have to trust Him fully. That was my big revelation, which probably wasn’t that big in the scheme of things, but was big to me.

  2. It is a big revelation. You know what my silly and yet huge revelation was a few years ago: sometimes God teaches by giving us wonderful things to appreciate and not only through hardship. It should have gone w/out saying but it took me thirty some years to really accept the God is good part of religion & God. Thanks sweetie – and feel better!

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