Weighing In

I don’t dare make reference to the elephant in the room, but my weight has become that kind of an issue in my life. As an explanation, I have been pregnant 5 times and at an average of 30 pounds each pregnancy, that is 150 pounds that have been added to my once average-weighted body. And considering each baby was about 8 pounds, plus placenta and other stuff, that is still only maybe 60 pounds off for deliveries. So that left me with 90 pounds to lose. When I look at it that way, the fact that I’m still 40 pounds over what I was when I began to get pregnant, I feel a little better.

But it doesn’t help me from wishing and hoping that I was 40 pounds lighter. The thing is, I feel a lot of stress daily. Trying to keep this house and homeschool and marriage and everything else running day after day and week after week is stressful. I love it and I chose it, but it doesn’t make it less stressful. And so I snack a little here and a little there, and as sad as it is, in some ways it could be worse. It could be a little vodka here, a little rum there. I feel like I’m choosing the lesser evil.

Yet I want to be not just thin but healthy. For the littles and for MM. It is such a struggle and for a girl with absolutely no will-power, right now it is a struggle I’m losing. I want to make good choices, and over the past summer I’ve spend hundreds of dollars of money we don’t have trying different products but of course they’ve failed because I’m not consistent. So between healthy food costing more (and you know it does) and taking more time to prepare and me wanting good ole’ comfort food to ease my stress, well, it doesn’t look like I’ll be 40 pounds less anytime soon.

One other things to hinder me: unless I get up at 5 a.m., I can’t really get exercise. MM leaves for work at 6:30 a.m., and once the kids are up, well, you know. It just doesn’t happen. Right now I wake up at 6 a.m. and do my devotions (which I think is the more important thing), but that doesn’t leave any time for exercise. I try to walk with the kids or swim, but it really doesn’t provide exercise that I need to lose weight.

I welcome any suggestions or encouragement, or ideas, or examples, or a volunteer to come be my shopper, cook, and personal trainer. Preferably the latter.


3 thoughts on “Weighing In

  1. Hey! I realize none of these things may work for you, but these are some things that have helped me in my same struggle! I got into running (but if you don’t like running you could do a brisk walk) but it was the timing that worked for me. Right after dinner. Doing that made me eat a smaller portioned meal, or what doctors would call, proper portioned. ha! In other words I wouldn’t stuff myself because I knew that I was going to be moving shortly. Also I was very motivated because after dinner is THE craziest time of the day. So for me to just literally run away was like heaven! And Paul was on board because he wants me to be happy and healthy too. Another option is when we go for family walks I will sometimes take another lap, while Paul takes the kids inside. Also, during the day I the kids want to go on their bikes so I throw William in the stroller and try to keep up! Something diet wise that gives me a jump start is a sugar fast. If I know it is a committment to God, I am more likely to stick to it, vs. just trying to stay away from sugar. I will fast for someone or something and I feel more “obliged” for lack of a better word, to stick to it. And when you take sugar out of your diet you can really just watch the pounds slip away! Grab an apple or an orange. That is really what your body is craving anyway. That’s it for me. I better go do one of those things now! 😉

  2. I like the after dinner idea. MM is always offering to let me exercise after dinner. Just seems like I’m tired at that time. Boo hoo! I’ll just have to buck up and do it!! Thanks for the advice.

  3. Hi there my friend. You know I am in the same boat and you just described my life exactly except that I have more than 40 lbs to lose and I only have 2 children . I think you and I need to figure out a way we can support each other on this journey . What a Blessing for us both that would be. 🙂

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