New Season

I know parenting has its seasons. And I’m pretty familiar with the early seasons; of course, I don’t know a thing about teenage or adult child seasons, but I’m sure I’ll learn. It’s been a little difficult continuing to move through seasons while staying in them at the same time. Just when I move out of the baby season and into the toddler season, I have another baby. And when the toddler becomes a preschooler, there’s a toddler right behind to fill the gap. Hear this – I am NOT complaining: just musing about these seasons. There is nothing I love more than a newborn, a toddler, a preschooler and older children all snuggled together with me on the couch. I wouldn’t trade a single thing about being a mom of multiple young children.

My only sadness about the many concurrent seasons in which I find myself is that I have to say no to some things right now that I very much want to say yes to. I just can’t do what some moms who no longer have babies can do. And I can’t do what a mom who just has a baby or maybe a baby and a toddler can do. I know I shouldn’t compare myself to what another mom can or cannot do, but sometimes I wish I “could go there” or “do that” or “not have to do that.”

My season right now is a season of no. And yet the no to some stuff means an adamant YES to other things. Prayerfully, my priorities and desires will conform to the yeses and understand that the nos are just for a season.


5 thoughts on “New Season

  1. The reason those moms do other things, is because they don’t have a littler one, you’re right. But I’ve heard so many of them say ” look at her, isn’t she wonderful”. Which leads me to believe they would rather have their ministry at home, than to find busy time to fill with OTHER THINGS.

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