Week 2 Homeschool

Here is a rundown of what we learned in our 2nd week of school:

Bible – we talked about the flow of both the Old & New Testaments, how they were written, and how they were stored (scrolls in clay jars). I forgot to mention last week that we learned about how the Bible is divided into sections, and I learned something new. I always knew that there were different sections, but I didn’t realize that the sections were in order. I always wondered, for instance, why Jonah wasn’t near the book of Kings because that’s when it happened, but now I understand that they (those who organized the Bible) placed all the prophets together at the end. And all the history is together. And all the Law. I get it!

History – We talked about Julius Caesar (I can guarantee I didn’t even know the name Julius Caesar till high school and my 7- and 10-year-old kids can tell you details about his life), Cicero, Cleopatra, Mark Antony, etc.

Science – This week we studied the brain, and the kids drew diagrams. They now know the terms cerbrum, cerebellum, medulla and spinal cord.

Art – Our music focus was Haydn (I loved learning about Haydn because “The Creation” is one of my favorite pieces and because from what’s written about him, I know I would have liked Haydn as a person) and our art focus was perspective. LW freaked out a little in art because she didn’t understand why her lines should meet in the background, and watch out when my LW doesn’t understand something. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit came upon me at that moment and instead of my usual way of getting impatient and then angry, I turned the whole situation into a joke. I started drawing things that shrank away in the distance, and then drew MM on every picture with an ax hacking into the objects – trees, snakes, etc. I got the kids laughing and the laughter caused LW to drop her negativity and move on. Sometimes she gets stuck in her negativity, and I see that my impatience only causes her to stick harder. So thank you Holy Spirit for growing fruit of patience and gentleness in me in this area so I could diffuse the situation instead of make it worse.

LW started her Writing book this week, and began with structuring a compound sentence to convey lots of information in a logical fashion. She wrote about a couple of little girls we watched over the weekend for some friends (it was like having 3yo and 1yo twins for 48 hours – yikes – but they were so good that it was actually really fun!), and she did an awesome job with her sentence.

We also started reading the book Detectives in Togas. At first the kids were a little leery that they’d enjoy it, but after a few chapters, they now ask every night for “one more chapter pleeeeease.”

We finished up elephants with LM & LD and started our unit about penguins. The kids had fun making a penguin craft out of a toilet paper roll and some construction paper (I love easy crafts!) and LM impressed me by reading some words without any help!


One thought on “Week 2 Homeschool

  1. I like how you diffused a situation with laugher and joking. I will have to remember to seek the Lord for wisdom when my daughter begins to get frustrated. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for linking up to MFW Highlights too.

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