Our Schedule

Thought I’d post our schedule (which this book taught me how to do) so you all can see how busy it is around here on weekdays. I don’t usually like to post the full thing because it either looks like I’m crazy schedule nazi woman, or it turns new homeschool moms off to homeschooling because “I could never be that organized.” This is just a copy of our schedule, how I need to run my house in order to get things done. If I could do things without needing a schedule, I would definitely not have one. I don’t particularly like schedules, and I don’t completely stick to this schedule on any day (and it needs to be tweaked a little anyway). BUT without it, I just do dishes and pick up messes and read emails and my day is over without accomplishing anything. And the littles wouldn’t get the school time they need, because we typically put off the necessary in place of the immediate unless we have our schedule in place. So that is why I use it. What do you use in your house to manage your home?


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