Go Therefore and Make Disciples

Nothing like waking up to a little Holy Spirit conviction. LW, LV & I are studying the gospel of John this year, using a Kay Arthur inductive study. We used to attend Community Bible Study every Wednesday, but I found I couldn’t be gone one day a week and still homeschool effectively. I would skip school on Wednesdays, but anytime there was a field trip we wanted to go to, or anytime we wanted to meet with friends, all of a sudden it was 2 days a week with no school. And it was just too hard to be gone playing all morning and then come back home and crack the books for a few hours in the afternoon after lunch. So I decided that CBS had to go so that I would be able to go on a field trip or a playdate when I wanted during the week without worrying that we were missing school.

So in lieu of CBS, I found this study of John that the littles and I can do together. And we’ve all liked it. But this morning, I awoke to find I was studying about John the Baptist’s witness. And about my own witness to the world… and to my home. Enter the conviction. In my own Jerusalem, my own home, I spend so many days frustrated and impatient and unkind. And if I can’t even be an ambassador for Christ in my own home, what qualifies me to go to Judea or Samaria or the remotest parts of the world?

With conviction comes repentance, and a determination to allow the Holy Spirit to move and change me until I resemble Christ more and more and HW less and less.


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