1st Week of School

We started our new curriculum this year – My Father’s World Rome to the Reformation. I also added in History Pockets from Evan Moor about Ancient Rome. They work well because they give the kids something to do with their hands while I am reading the history information. They are just little things that need to be cut and pasted different places with information, a little like a lapbook. The only issue was that it took me forever to coordinate it with our RTR manual, but I’m glad I spent the time to do it.

Here’s a quick rundown of our first week:

In history, we learned about Romulus and Remus and the founding of Rome, about the Punic Wars and Hannibal and his elephants. Everyone had fun making Wax Writing Tablets out of cardboard and clay.

In science, we studied cells and did a couple of experiments. One experiment involved making a cell out of jello and dried beans, and another used a colander, salt and dried beans to show how the cell membrane works.

LW – This year, LW is using Writing Strands 4, Intermediate Language Lessons, Singapore Math, and Rod & Staff Spelling.

LV – He is using Spelling Power, Primary Language Lessons and Singapore Math.

LM is using My Father’s World Kindergarten, and LD gets to do it with her. This week we learned the /e/ sound and studied all about elephants. LM & LD made elephant masks out of paper plates.

And of course, LD & LB are just hanging out and destroying the house room by room during the school day. Actually, the first day was harder than I remembered. I’ll post a copy of our schedule and you can see how our day moves, but it was definitely difficult that first day. However, everyone got used to what they were supposed to be doing, and by Friday we had a rhythm. I’ve just GOT TO keep my attitude positive and in check, and then the day flows much better.


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