How then should we speak?

I titled my blog Speak the Truth in Love, because there were a couple of occasions in my life where things happened that could have been avoided if only someone would’ve spoken the truth, in love. And mostly, that someone was me. Family rifts, lost friendships, hurt feelings… all could’ve been avoided if soMEone would’ve just spoken the truth in love. And I decided, then and there, that I would from now on Speak the goshdarn Truth, in love.

Turns out that it is much harder to do than say. What do you do when faced with a truth that can’t seem to be said in love? Or how do you even broach the truth when you know the person is not going to receive it, let alone receive it in love? Is it more loving in these cases just to not speak at all?

As I ponder and pray on a daily basis about what to say and how to say it lovingly, I realize that I have to totally depend on the Spirit’s guiding all the time. Even things that seem to be no big deal, you know, telling someone “I’d rather not do that. Can we do this instead?” all of a sudden take on crazy proportions because there is always the potential for hurt. And then you have to wonder if hurt is always bad because the Lord has used hurt in my life to change me, so perhaps He works that way in the lives of others, too. And maybe even that way in the lives of whole churches and whole nations and the whole world.

But alas, as strongly as I strive to Speak the Truth in Love, the reality is I fall far short of that goal, and usually only speak half-truth in semi-love. If I’ve spoken such to you, or maybe others in your life have done so, turn to God’s Word which is full TRUTH spoken in full LOVE. That is my only offer of comfort for a world in which truth in love is more difficult than it seems.


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